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Games Inbox: Fallout 5 release date, Dark Souls vs. Bloodborne, and Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

I recently finished Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider (before you had got around to reviewing it, which makes a change for me, although it did have a fairly short playtime) and I thought it was really good and will play through it again seeking alternative avenues. It reminded me how much I enjoyed Dishonored 2, which I played through at least four times until I had every superpower possible at my disposal.

t got me wondering why it is that the series isn’t as successful as it should be? Admittedly, I bought the original on the PC and never really got on with it and can’t put my finger on why? Does anyone else feel like PC gaming feels cold? I’m just not sure why I enjoy playing on consoles more, maybe it’s because I can play with the gaming peripheral of choice.

Anyway, my point of writing in is because if it’s the last Dishonored game it’s a crying shame, as it’s been one of the most thought provoking game experiences I’ve ever had. I’m wondering if what it’s really good at, which for me is making you think hard and what the consequences may be, is also its downfall.

Sometimes I just want to play a game and relax and it’s not good at that. In fact, it’s really bad at that in my opinion. I’ve played a few times for five minutes and turned it off after firing up the PlayStation 4 because it can feel like too much hard work. Maybe I’m just getting lazy I don’t know.

Since your review I haven’t seen anyone comment about it on the Inbox.

Last thing, as much as I love Wolfenstein, feel like that’s the game that will be going cheap on Black Friday this year as it gets overlooked amongst the traffic of games coming out. I’ve even booked a week off work so I can buy it at full price and sell it on in hope to pick it up cheaper again later.
Nick The Greek

GC: Bethesda don’t send review copies out early, so it’s impossible to do them before release. They’re also pretty terrible at picking release dates lately, as not only were the last two Dishonored games overshadowed by other new releases but Wolfenstein II comes out on the same day as Assassin’s Creed Origins and Super Mario Odyssey.

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