Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Dying Light 2 Gameplay Revealed – Game Rant

Dying Light was one of the first major new IP’s to make its way to the Xbox One and PS4 during the early years of the consoles. Today, developer Techland announced a followup to the game during Microsoft’s E3 press conference with Dying Light 2. During that announcement, Techland gave us a brief glimpse into the sequel’s world along with a few peeks at the updated traversal mechanics and combat.

The 3-minute trailer demonstrates how much Techland learned over the course of Dying Light’s lifespan. The most immediately noticeable thing is the game’s graphical fidelity – everything looks incredibly sharp, with distant objects maintaining lots of detail and smoky particle effects filling the sky. E3 demos are notorious for overselling the graphics of the final product, but here’s hoping Dying Light 2 can maintain this level of beauty.

Additionally, we get a peek at a few new ways to traverse the city. The protagonist is shown using a rope swing and sliding down the side of a building before grabbing onto the side of a truck. In one scene, the character uses the environment to boot an enemy out of an upper story window, something players couldn’t do in the original Dying Light.

Finally, players’ actions will actually have a tangible effect on Dying Light 2’s world. Techland promises that each player’s game will be different depending on the choices made during a playthrough. How dramatic those differences will be remains to be seen, but it should lead to some water-cooler conversations and unique stories to be shared among the community.

Techland didn’t go so far as to reveal a release date for their zombie-slashing action game, but more details will surely emerge as E3 2018 progresses. With any luck, Dying Light 2 will be an even greater improvement over the first game and its DLC “The Following”,  both of which helped revitalize the zombie genre.

Dying Light 2 may not come as a surprise for some, as the reveal has been rumored for a few weeks now. Techland has also supported the original Dying Light with loads of post-launch content, so a sequel pretty much feels like a no-brainer.

Dying Light 2 was a great addition to a stellar Microsoft press conference, which was packed with a ton of new trailers and announcements. So far, E3 2018 is off to a great start and there’s still a lot more of big announcements on the horizon.

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