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Destiny 2 Will Not Support Some 3rd Party Applications on PC

Destiny 2 will mark the first time Bungie’s popular franchise will come to the PC. In light of that, one of the issues the developer will have to tackle is how to keep cheaters and hackers from affecting the game, which is a more prominent issue on PC over consoles. While putting the game into Blizzard’s app should help that, Bungie is taking even more precautions.

Bungie says there are safeguards and security in place, but part of that has the negative side effect that some commonly used third party applications will not be compatible with Destiny 2. The main issue that is causing the incompatibility comes from any application on PC that attempts to insert code into the game client. Destiny 2 will block such attempts, thus making those applications incompatible. It makes sense, because the same methods used by those legitimate apps are similar or the same methods someone could use for more nefarious purposes.

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So then, Bungie has chosen a lack of some compatibility in exchange for a more secure and cheat-free experience for Destiny 2. One of the biggest incompatibilities comes for those who stream on one PC using Game Capture on OBS or XSplit. Those programs can still be used to stream, but only if Windowed Mode (including Borderless Fullsceen) is used. Screen Capture and Window Capture are still supported as well. While it may be trickier to stream or capture Destiny 2 with a one-PC setup, the addition of other hardware such as a second PC or an Elgato or aVerMedia capture cards seem to be the best workaround.

In addition to those capturing apps, other software that would introduce overlays onto Destiny 2 are not supported either. That includes “Who’s talking” and similar visual notification features that can be found in Discord or Mumble. Also, framerate and statistics overlays (provided by EVGA Provision XOC, MSi Afterburner, and Fraps) are not compatible with Destiny 2 either.

While these restrictions may require some extra work on the part of some streamers and content creators who don’t have a full, 2-PC setup or dedicated external capturing system, the changes should make Destiny 2 a more stable and fair game. The PC beta for Destiny 2 will include these restrictions, so that should give those curious a good chance to test their setup before the full game launches.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

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