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‘Destiny 2’ Faction Rallies News: Everything to Know About the Event

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Developed by Bungie, “Destiny 2” has garnered the positive attention of the gaming community when it was released earlier this month. The team seems to be determined to keep the hype up as they have introduced Faction Rallies, which are now live. Although it began on Sept. 26, fans still have a lot of time to catch up. In the meantime, here is everything to know about the Faction Rallies in “Destiny 2.”

“Each of the factions of the Tower is having a rally to collect resources for its cause. They’re recruiting Guardians to gather supplies for their faction and destroy enemy resources. They’ll offer a suite of rewards to help the Guardians rise up against any enemy threats,” said “Destiny 2” senior designer Tim Williams in a blog post. “As an incentive, each faction has set aside a powerful weapon to entice players to choose their side. The faction whose Guardians collect the most faction packages will be declared the winner.”

To join a faction, gamers will have to talk to the leader in the Traveler. Arach Jalaal represents the Dead Orbit faction, Lakshmi-2 for the Future War Cult, and Executor Hideo for New Monarchy. Each has different gears to offer, and it is up to the players to choose which is more powerful for them.

The items can be acquired by trading in Reward Tokens, which can be earned by destroying supplies, doing Public Events, Crucible matches, and the Leviathan Raid. Regardless, the one powerful weapon will go on sale to all players next week and it will cost 50,000 glimmer. On the other hand, members of the winning team will get the powerful weapon at a discounted price of 1,000 glimmer.

“Destiny 2” Faction Rallies will remain live until a winner is announced on Oct. 3. The developers will choose a team and they will announce which of the factions it is at 1 p.m. EDT.

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