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Destiny 2 And More For $12 In June’s Humble Monthly

If you play games on PC, you may be aware of the Humble Monthly gaming subscription. For $12 per month, it grants you a monthly bundle of games worth over $100. The only catch is that most of the games in the bundle are a mystery until after you’ve paid. Humble does announce at least one game each month as an “early unlock” to entice new subscribers. The early unlock game for June 2018 is one of the biggest games ever featured in the subscription: Destiny 2.

If you subscribe for June’s offerings–whatever they end up being–you’ll get Destiny 2 immediately, just in time for the Warmind expansion, coming May 8. After that, you’ll have to wait for the end of the month to find out what the rest of the games are, (though occasionally a game or two will be announced in the middle of the month).

As a point of comparison, April’s Humble Bundle games included Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mafia III, God Eater 2, Outlast 2, and more. The games usually come in the form of Steam codes that are saved in your Humble account. Unlike PlayStation Plus, you get to keep and play your Humble Monthly games forever, whether you have an active subscription or not.

Humble throws in extra bonuses for Humble Monthly subscribers as well. All active subscribers get 10% off every game in the Humble Store. They also get access to the Humble Trove, a collection of mostly well-received indie games. And if you subscribe for a full year, you save $12 off the monthly rate and (for a limited time) you get $25 added to your Humble Store account. Plus, 5% of Humble’s proceeds go to charity.

All in all, Humble Monthly is one of the best deals in PC gaming. And with Destiny 2 being the early unlock for June, now is a fine time to get started.

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