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Bungie Details Destiny 2 Faction Rallies Ahead of Launch Next Week

Destiny 2 Faction Rally

When Bungie showed off a roadmap of Destiny 2 activities for September, one unusual event stuck out. Now that we’re less than a week away, they’ve finally lifted the curtain off of Destiny 2 Faction Rallies to give players a look at how they will be supporting the three factions in the game at the weekly reset on Tuesday. Senior Designer Tim Williams gave the lowdown on the This Week at Bungie post.

 Each of the factions of the Tower is having a rally to collect resources for its cause. They’re recruiting Guardians to gather supplies for their faction and destroy enemy resources. They’ll offer a suite of rewards to help the Guardians rise up against any enemy threats. As an incentive, each faction has set aside a powerful weapon to entice players to choose their side. The faction whose Guardians collect the most faction packages will be declared the winner. The winning faction will offer the weapon to everyone, but all who pledged loyalty will receive it with a huge discount as repayment for their contributions to their faction’s cause.

Arach Jalaal, Lakshmi-2, and Executor Hideo each return to head up Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy respectively. Starting at reset on Tuesday, September 26, players will be able to pledge themselves to one of the factions, earning tokens that can be turned in for rewards specific to that faction. The rewards can be seen in the gallery below. Before you can choose who to pledge to, you must reach level 20 and have completed the Destiny 2 campaign. You will only be able to pledge to one faction per character.

Public events, Lost Sectors, strikes, clearing the raid, and competing in the Crucible are the activities that will reward faction tokens that you can turn in for packages full of loot. There’s a competitive side of this too.

In addition to all of the gear on display above, each faction will be offering a special weapon as a reward to be sold if they emerge victorious. Everyone who pledged to the winning faction will be able to purchase it for 1,000 glimmer. Anyone who did not pledge can still get it, but will have to pay a higher price of 50,000 glimmer.

The possible weapons are a Dead Orbit scout rifle, a New Monarchy sidearm, and a Future War Cult pulse rifle. They can each be seen in the gallery below. If you’ve got three characters, the answer is easy. Just pledge to all three (but play Dead Orbit a lot so that scout rifle can win), then no matter which one wins, you can get the weapon that they offer for the discounted glimmer cost.

Tokens can be offered to the faction representatives until 2 AM PST on October 3. At 10 AM that same day, the winning faction will be announced. It’s unclear how often the Destiny 2 Faction Rallies will be available. This Week at Bungie makes no mention of a recurring time frame, only that it ends on October 3. With the popularity of the factions and their gear, though, I would expect this event to come around at least once a month.

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