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BioWare Still Very Open To Working On Mass Effect In The Future


So in case you missed the news over the weekend, BioWare has applied a tenth and final update to Mass Effect: Andromeda, pretty much indicating that it’s finished updating the game. That means no single player downloadable content, and no continuation of the current story. That might bum a few fans out, even though this now leaves the team open to work on Anthem for a 2018 release.

That said, though, we haven’t said goodbye to the saga completely. Even though BioWare is shelving work on Mass Effect for the time being, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson has noted that it’s not goodbye for good.

Speaking on Twitter, Hudson noted, “Yes! I love #MassEffect too much to not want to work on it again in the future. Thanks for the support – it means everything to our team,” after a fan noted that the series will eventually be back “with a vengeance.”

Now the question is when. The company has Anthem on its plate for the time being, and will probably be hard at work on new Dragon Age games after that. Chances are we probably won’t see anything for at least a few years.

For the time being, Andromeda is still worth checking out, especially if you can find it for $20 or so. It’s definitely worth the price.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

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