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Another Free Mythical Pokemon Is Now Available For Pokemon Sun And Moon

The latest Pokemon giveaway from Sun and Moon has now begun. For a limited time, players have a chance to add the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow to their teams, making this the first time the rare Fighting/Ghost-type Pokemon has been available in the games.

To claim your Marshadow, US players will have to pick up a free download code from a GameStop store; those in the UK, meanwhile, will have to visiting “participating retailers” for their free code. Marshadow comes at level 50 and is equipped with Marshadium Z, which allows it to use the exclusive Z-Move Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike once per battle. It also knows the following attacks:

  • Spectral Thief
  • Close Combat
  • Force Palm
  • Shadow Ball
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As with previous distributions, to redeem your code, you’ll need to select the Mystery Gift option from the games’ main menu and choose to receive your gift via code/password. Enter the download code you picked up and you’ll be able to retrieve Marshadow from the deliveryman waiting inside any Pokemon Center in Alola. Codes for Marshadow will only be available until October 23, so you’ll want to visit a store soon if you hope to get one.

In addition to Marshadow, Pokemon Sun and Moon players can also still receive a free Charizard for a limited time. To get the popular Fire-type, visit the electronics section of a participating Target store by October 14 to pick up a free download code. Today is also the last day you can receive the a special Pikachu wearing Ash’s cap from the Sinnoh region.

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