Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019
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AirPods 2 to also come in black, AirPower to have “exclusive features”, a new report suggests – Phone Arena


There are two products that some Apple fans have been expecting more than even the new iPhones. Both seem to be around the corner for at least a year but still fail to make an official appearance. We’re talking about the second generation of Apple’s wireless earbuds – AirPods 2 and its wireless charging mat called AirPower.

According to new information leaked by sources close to MySmartPrice, which aligns with previous reports on the matter, the wait is almost over. Both products are expected to make their debut this Spring. While that’s a bit vague, Apple holds a “Special Event” almost every year around mid-late March, making a possible 2019 one the likeliest candidate for the announcement.

We already suspected that, however, after reports that AirPower is in production, so let’s see what new information the sources provide. If they’re to be believed, the new AirPods will be almost identical design-wise to their predecessors, which makes sense if Apple wants the new wireless charging case to be compatible with the older model. A new look is expected to come from a black version of the AirPods 2, something that will surely be welcomed by many.

On top of that, AirPods 2 are rumored to have a coating that improves the earbuds’ grip and makes it harder for them to fall off your ears, which can be disastrous considering the lack of wires to keep them from tumbling down and potentially breaking or getting lost.

Of course, there will be sound improvements as well. The AirPods 2 are expected to have better bass, potentially removing one of the main gripes music fans had with the previous pair.

As we’ve covered before, the new Apple earbuds will help with the company’s efforts to provide more wellness features by having additional sensors inside to better track your vitals.

A couple of interesting tidbits were released for AirPower as well. The final version of the device will be thicker than preliminary renders suggested, due to changes in the charging coil configurations Apple was likely forced to make to counter the overheating issues the charging mat was rumored to have during development.

More intriguing than that, however, are the suggested “exclusive features” AirPower will have. These won’t be available until Apple releases iOS 13, the sources say. The likely reason for this is one of two things: either the features are connected to new hardware that will come in the 2019 iPhones, or that they require some serious software wizardry to make them work, forcing the delay.

The informants are suggesting that AirPods 2 will cost $200 and AirPower $150, but those prices are speculative at best so take them with a grain of salt (or two). If they are indeed coming this spring, however, we’ll know everything about them soon enough.


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