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3D world-building tool SculptVR makes its way to PSVR

See, when you draw in 2D, you need to have an understanding of perspective, light and shadows. But when you draw in 3D using the application, you can simply recreate what you see in real life: SculptVR can take care of the perspective and shading for you. And if you want to create big detailed worlds, that’s no problem, as well — you can draw huge landscapes and add tiny details, which viewers can see when they zoom in.

Rowe explained:

“…you can build a rocky, snow-capped mountain with a stream flowing down its face. Along the stream, barely even visible from the mountaintop, is a farmhouse. In the house is a vase full of flowers resting on the kitchen table, and on one of the flowers is a spotted ladybug. That’s the power of SculptrVR’s multi-scale voxel engine.”

If that doesn’t sound like your kind of art, though, another option launched on PSVR just a few days ago, as well: painting application CoolPaintrVR. Hopefully, these applications’ arrival is only the beginning, and PSVR gets access to more creative tools in the future.

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