This Android phone looks just like the iPhone X but costs less than a quarter of the price

Oukitel U18Oukitel

  • The Chinese smartphone maker Oukitel is selling an
    iPhone X clone called the Oukitel U18.
  • The phone has the same design on the front as well as
    facial-recognition technology it calls Face ID, and it even has
    its own notch.
  • But the phone costs $160, compared with over $1,000 for
    an iPhone X.

The Chinese smartphone maker Oukitel just launched a new
smartphone that looks almost identical to the iPhone X but costs
less than a quarter of the price of Apple’s premium phone.

Called the Oukitel U18, the phone looks almost exactly
like the iPhone X from the front but costs just $160. The iPhone
X starts at $1,000.

The U18 features a nearly edge-to-edge display and a technology
called Face ID (the same name as Apple’s facial-recognition
system), and it even has the same notch at the top of the screen
to fit the camera and facial-recognition hardware.

In fact, the two phones look so similar that you can really only
tell them apart when they’re side by side:

Oukitel U18Oukitel

The U18 is a bit bigger, has a wider bottom bezel, and has all
its buttons on the right side of the device. Otherwise, the two
devices are practically twins.

The similarities end when you flip the U18 over, though.

The phone features a vertically oriented camera, but it’s
situated in the center of the device rather than on the left
side, where it is on the iPhone X.

The U18 also has a fingerprint scanner, which Apple did away with
on the iPhone X. Plus, the U18 runs Android and has USB-C
charging. The device comes in two colors: black and gold.

Here’s a look at the phone from the back:

Oukitel U18Oukitel

The Oukitel U18 will cost $160 until Wednesday, when it will go
for $180. But if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have
to act fast: Oukitel says on its website that, ironically enough,
it will offer only 999 of the devices.

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