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Study compares iPhone users with Android users

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You’re so vain, you probably think this survey is about you.

A new study has revealed that iPhone users make more money and are more image conscious than their Android counterparts.

The survey, conducted by crowdsourced online shopping platform Slickdeals, found that iPhone users draw an average annual salary of $US53,251 ($AU73,434) and are more likely to splurge on luxury items for themselves.

Comparatively, Android users earn $US37,040 ($AU51,080) on average and tend to be much more frugal when it comes to their spending habits.


On a monthly basis, iPhone users reportedly spent $US117 ($AU161) on clothing, $US100 ($AU138) on technology and $US82 ($AU113) on beauty or cosmetic products.

Android users, on the other hand, spend a monthly amount of $US62 ($AU85) on clothing, $US50 ($AU69) on technology and $US40 ($AU55) on beauty or cosmetics.

“This survey indicates that Android users are generally more frugal than their iPhone counterparts, and on the hunt for savings when shopping,” Slickdeals CEO Josh Meyers said.

Mr Meyers said iPhone users tend to spend more, “particularly on items related to self-image such as clothing and cosmetics”.


The spending disparity doesn’t stop there though.

The survey, which interviewed 1000 iPhone users and 1000 Android users, found that iPhone users would rather spend their weekend nights “out and about with friends”, while Android users preferred to be “curled up on the couch watching TV or a movie or reading a book”.

iPhone users also take more leisure trips per year, taking four on average, compared to three for Android users.

Aside from the differences in spending habits, iPhone users use and consume media in vastly different ways, perhaps tied to their higher spending on beauty and cosmetic products.


Those who have iPhones take 12 selfies per day on average, compared to seven selfies for Android users.

They also reported to have sent about 58 texts per day, on average, spent nearly five hours looking at their phone.

The researchers compared this to Android users, who reportedly sent 26 texts a day and spent just 3.42 hours looking at their phone, on average.


iPhone users were reportedly tragics for television shows such as Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends and The Walking Dead.

Android owners tended to favour NCIS, Law & Order and Saturday Night Live.

“Overall, we’ve seen a rapid shift from desktop to mobile shopping for consumers,” Mr Meyers said.

“With people spending at least five hours a day on their phone, continued migration towards mobile seems almost inevitable.”


While smartphone usage has been linked to depression in the past, it appears as if iPhone users are “generally happier than Android users,” according to the study.

That may be attributed to the fact that “iPhone and Android users generally appreciate different things and have contrasting personality traits”.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and has been republished here with permission.


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