Over 150 new emojis to be released on iPhone and Android this year

Redheads rejoice: Your time has come.

The latest update revealed by Emojipedia features over 150 new emojis, including redheads, a llama, a lacrosse stick, a cupcake and so much more.

Who knew all we needed were emojis of a petri dish and a bagel to make our wildest emoji dreams come true?


Over 150 new emojis are to be released in the latest Emoji 11.0 update (Emojipedia)

This week the Unicode Consortium announced the Emoji 11.0 update, which will be launched later this year.

This will take the total number of emojis available for you to enjoy up to a whopping 2,823.

Mark Davis, president of Unicode, spoke to Emojipedia about their most recent additions. 

“The emoji list being announced today is final, so that vendors can start work on this year’s emoji,” he said. 

“We’ll release the final specification for Emoji 11.0 in synchrony with the Unicode 11.0 release, targeted in June.

“Users can expect to see support for these new emoji rolling out in the second half of 2018.”

While many will surely be excited by the prospect of messaging their friends with knitting, skateboarding and peacock emojis, one group of people in particular have embraced this news with bounds of enthusiasm. 

Redheads are taking to social media to express their excitement over finally having an emoji that showcases their hair colour. 

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, best known for starring in Modern Family, tweeted: “I would like to thank the emoji gods for this inclusion and equality. 

“It’s about DAMN TIME!”

Another person tweeted: “As of June 2018, let it be known that I will be responding to every text and tweet with a redhead emoji bc [sic] I waited god damn long enough!!!”


The Emoji 11.0 update will include a llama, a bagel, a microbe and a party face (Emojipedia)

However, some people are less than pleased with the shade of red chosen to represent their hair colour. 

“I’ve waited too many years for a redhead emoji for them to give us this neon Chef Boyardee spaghetti-in-a-can colour,” a Twitter user commented. 

Once the Emoji 11.0 update is released in June, the new emojis will then soon become available on Apple, Android, Twitter and more in their own distinctive styles.

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