Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

New iPhone features coming in iOS 12


If you’re an iPhone user, then at least one of these forthcoming updates will make your life easier: better sorting in the Photos app, new ways for Siri to help you and a more manageable approach to notifications.

Here’s a look at highlights of Apple’s iOS 12, set to bring both faster speeds and functionality improvements to new and old iPhones and iPads.

A smarter Siri

The limits of Apple’s digital assistant are clear to most Apple users. But the latest version of Siri is hoping to make your life easier by giving you more prompts and helping you do things you do often, like dictate messages to friends or make a birthday phonecall.

Siri is also set to handle carry out multiple tasks at once by carrying out chain commands.

Better notifications and photo sorting

Photo management might have already been good in iOS 11, but it’s set to get even better in iOS 12 thanks to an improved search and the ability to sort albums by place, time and person.

Notifications are also set to become easier to handle when iOS 12 begins grouping notifications by apps. This should make life easier for users who get lots of notifications and, until now, have had to scroll through a long list of items.

More augmented reality, more Memojis

Your iPhone’s next big update will allow you to make better use of your camera for augmented reality (AR). Among the many AR tools is a measuring app that allows you to get a rough measure of real-life objects using your camera.

Users of the iPhone X, and presumably its successor, will also get new ways to create digital versions of themselves they can use as emojis in chats.

Alongside Animojis, which allow you to animate the face of a chicken, dinosaurs and dogs with your own facial expressions, there’s now also Memojis, which allow you to create a cartoon version of your face, both for messaging and in video chat.

Getting time away from your iPhone

A large focus of the iPhone update is on helping users combat smartphone addiction. The new iOS 12 operating system, which will also run on older iPhone models dating back to 2013, enables users to mute their phones more quickly, for example during dinner, at the cinema or at night.

It also makes it easier to switch off calls, message tones and other alerts. In addition, users will be able to see how much time they spend on individual apps or how many times they check their messages. They can also set time limits on certain apps or games.

Parents can now add tailored controls on their children’s smartphones and tablets. For example, they can ensure a device can’t be used after a certain time in the evening.

For all its updates, Apple has not yet managed to add group calls in Facetime. The company had previously announced plans to allow up to 32 people to take part in one video call.

The next iOS version is set to roll out on all iPhones from the iPhone 5S generation onwards, as well as with the iPad mini2 and iPod touch (sixth generation) onwards. – dpa


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