Monday, 20 May 2019

Kanye West’s 000000 iPhone password and 7 other things you should never do


While most people aren’t being followed around by a group of reporters and TV cameras, West’s experience can be a lesson to us all, Etheridge says. Don’t share your PIN with other people, and make sure your phone screen is hidden when you enter it.

Steinberg notes that West may have anticipated the media coverage and cameras at the White House and temporarily changed his PIN for the visit. He advises anyone who will be in an area with lots of cameras to pick a temporary PIN in case it’s seen. In some cases, it may not be important to hide your screen.

“Just be cognisant of what you’re doing,” he says. “So if you’re on your phone and you’re doing normal game playing or you’re reading something, OK, what’s the big deal. But on the other hand, if you’re trying to do online banking from your phone in the subway station and there’s cameras and people walking around, that may not be so wise.”

Even if there aren’t cameras around, be discreet in public places. Steinberg says a thief is more likely to steal a phone whose code they’ve learned from watching you over your shoulder in a crowd, for example. He recommends using a screen protector for additional privacy.


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