Just do it: Speeding up the iPhone treadmill

Good news, Apple! Your problems are all about to be solved.

Writing for The Motley Fool, Ashraf Eassa thinks he’s figured it out.

“Hey, Apple! Here’s 1 Way to Boost iPhone Sales.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Philip.)

It’s not “Charge a dollar for iPhones” but it’s still pretty dumb.

Why does Apple need to boost iPhone sales? Because in some quarters they sell more iPhones and in others they sell fewer iPhones. It is a weird phenomenon for which there is no name.

Other than cyclicality. Other than that. And possibly some others.

The unfortunate truth for Apple is that iPhone sales tend to drop significantly from the peak of a product cycle to the trough.

That is kind of the definition of peaks and troughs, yes.

What happens is easy to understand: Demand is sky-high for the new iPhone model in its first full quarter of availability, and as customers get their fill of the new device, sales drop sharply in subsequent quarters.

So we can rule out goblins?

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