iPhone XHollis JohnsonI’ve been using the iPhone X for two weeks, and I would have returned it had I bought it myself.

The iPhone X has a beautiful design, a great OLED display, fast performance, and the best ecosystem of any smartphone brand.

But I can’t get used to Face ID.

Face ID uses Apple’s TrueDepth camera system to scan your face and unlock your phone.

Technologically, it’s far more advanced — and supposedly more secure — than the Touch ID fingerprint sensors used in the iPhone 5s and all the way to the iPhone 8.

Practically, however, Face ID is more limited than Touch ID in my experience, and it feels like a regression.

I’ve never had to unlock an iPhone with my PIN code as often as I have with the iPhone X, despite Apple’s fancy Face ID feature. As a result, it has been a pretty frustrating experience, and I can’t wait to switch my SIM card back to my iPhone 6s Plus or the office Pixel 2 XL review unit, which I’ve been hoarding because it’s such a good phone.

Check out why I just can’t get used to Face ID on the iPhone X: