Here’s what I’ll miss most about my iPhone as I transition away from Apple

Before I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon back in 2013, I had always admired the sleekness and simplicity of iMessage on my friends’ devices.

At the time, the default text-messaging app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was neither sleek nor simple. I changed all the colors in the phone’s customization settings, and even spent weeks trying alternative messaging apps, but never really found a truly great messaging app.

For some people, the look and feel of a phone’s SMS platform may not be a deal breaker, but for me — a millennial who has more than once sent hundreds of texts in a single day — iMessage was a godsend. Later, when I got a MacBook Pro in college, the convenience of sending texts from my computer was borderline life-changing.

iMessage is especially difficult to compete with after the iOS 10 update, which brought iPhone users a keyboard-sized drawing pad, bigger emojis, gifs, and a whole bunch of other features that I’m still learning how to use to this day.

I will look for iMessage in every non-Apple device I buy, that is, until Google or someone else makes a messaging app works as well and looks as beautiful.

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