Asked and unanswered: The iPhone X failure mystery

Did you know that you can imply any crazy ol’ thing if you just phrase it as a question? Let’s look at an example.

Is Craig Federighi a never nude?

See? The Macalope didn’t say Craig was a never nude, but now all you can picture is Craig showering in jorts. And we don’t even know if he does that! Yet! But it’s a thing that people are speculating about. There’s talk of it. Now, anyway.

Writing for Newsweek, Jason Murdock is doing that fancy two-step that’s sweeping the nation called “Just askin’!”

“Did the iPhone X fail? New study reveals why users refused to upgrade.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Daniel.)

The users! They refused to upgrade. And the phone—did it fail? Did it?

Wait, is Murdock asking us? Then, no! It did not!

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