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Apple’s 2020 iPhone may pack 5G

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DOES YOUR iPHONE XS already bore you? Good news: as sure as night follows day, new iPhones are always just around the corner, and the latest report suggests that the 2020 model will be the first company handset to pack 5G in.

If that news leaves you feeling sad that Apple seems to be dragging its feet, it’s probably worth reflecting on the fact that having 5G in your phone in 2019 will likely be an entirely pointless endeavour in future proofing. Like ensuring your new shoes will be great for the office and the first Martian colony.

Yes, a bunch of Android phones will have 5G modems in the next year, but the opportunity to use that speed will be almost pointlessly limited – and that’s before you even get into the likely bugginess and huge battery drain that the smartphone vanity plates will have. Those points withstanding, do you really want to give Apple an excuse to raise their prices further?

With that in mind, even 2020 may feel a tad optimistic, but FastCompany reckons that Apple has already planned Intel as its modem supplier. The report suggests that Apple is using Intel’s 8060 chip for testing, but hopes that the 10nm 8161 will provide faster speeds and greater efficiency for the finished product. Indeed, sources report that the current 8060 model is having problems with heat dissipation, which isn’t ideal for something that spends much of its life in your pocket, perilously close to your sensitive regions.

As a backup, the report says, Apple will turn to MediaTek. Of course, Qualcomm also has its own X50 modem for 5G, but given the escalating legal battles between the chip giant and Apple, you would imagine that a deal will only be struck there once Hell freezes over. Which, helpfully, may well occur before 5G actually delivers on its promise. µ


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