Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Apple Has Quietly Discontinued The iPhone X


Apple launches present themselves as the biggest advancements in science since, well, an apple launched itself from a tree and ruined Isaac Newton’s afternoon.

Amid the bells and whistles that inevitably accompany every new phone – remember, it’s just a phone – there are intrigues and controversies, about which the legions of Apple fans like to get themselves extremely worked up.

The latest launch is no different: and one of the principle complaints has been that the new, cutting-edge iPhone is just a little too new and cutting edge.

The Apple iPhone X: Not the Future Anymore. Credit: Apple
The Apple iPhone X: Not the Future Anymore. Credit: Apple

Or, perhaps, that not enough attention is being paid to the older models. In fact, people are annoyed that the older models aren’t there at all.

That’s right: while we were all looking at the brand new tech, Apple quietly nixed some of their old models, including the iPhone X, 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone SE.

That, for those who don’t hang of every world that a black turtle-necked geek says, includes the one that they only bloody launched last year, the last time that we all got ourselves into a similar tizz.

Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X was the best thing since sliced bread (or sliced iPhone at least) but has now been discontinued. The whole concept of a headphone jack has gone out of the window as well, and new iPhones are set to be Bluetooth only.

The death of the iPhone SE has been particularly mourned, as it was seen as a smaller and more affordable, yet still modern smartphone. It was a full $100 cheaper than the iPhone 7, which is now the cheapest available, as well as having a 4 inch screen instead of the mammoth 4.7 inches that the other models have.

People aren’t sure why these models have been killed off and Apple haven’t commented on it. Some might say that the new iPhone XS simply makes the X obsolete and retails at the same price, but that doesn’t really explain it: the iPhone X was popular and sold well, so why not keep selling it?

Business Insider have come up with a theory though. “If Apple followed its protocol and offered the $999 iPhone XS as well as a phone that is almost exactly the same but $100 cheaper, it would most likely confuse customers and cannibalize sales,” they write.

“We know that the advanced custom OLED screen on the iPhone X was extremely expensive. According to the reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple paid $120 to $130 per screen unit, about twice as much as it normally pays for screens.”

“We also know that maintaining high margins, which Apple is increasingly trying to achieve with high prices, is important, as fewer people now upgrade their phone on a regular basis.”

So there you go. It turns out that Apple a company that loves making money and would like to continue.

Who knew?


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