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21 things the iPhone can do you need to know


Though still using iPhone everyday, but the trendy smartphone is also hidden to many useful things that you may not yet know.
Many useful features you need to explore is located in the menu Settings, others hidden just below the normal interface that you don’t notice. Meanwhile, iMessage interesting things and virtual assistant Siri can do unexpected things. Also to note is that the majority of the features introduced in this article take effect on iOS 8 over, and some only support iOS 9.
The reply message from the lock screen
You can submit feedback in an unread messages without opening the lock, by paws from the top edge of the screen down to see the announcement on the tray Notifications (if on the lock screen showing the message just to do not need this procedure), touch the message and left claws. Next, click on the options button Reply has just appeared and answered.

Reply to messages while opening an application
You are opening an application, such as Facebook, which receives a message sent to it will appear on the top of the screen in the form of pop up, tap the claws down and if you want to send a message to feedback. The event message is no longer present, as with the lock screen.

View the application subtracts the battery for
Sometimes you suddenly notice the battery of the iPhone faster than usual, when the viaduct which you can check out the application has “burned” pin by going to Settings > Battery. You will see the application spend most battery power.

See all the photos of you and someone was texting each other
Very easy to review all photos and videos that you and someone texted each other by iMessage. You just access the application “Messages”, open the view message sequence between the two sides have sent each other, and then click the Details button in the upper right corner of the screen is done.

Audio and video messages self destruct
You can send messages as audio and video clips have the ability to self destruct after 2 minutes. To set the mode, go to Settings > Messages and then scroll down to the section of audio and video messages. Here you can choose to delete the message is 2 minutes or never (never).

Named for the conversation group
If you often texting by iMessage with the same group or are talking to more people about a particular subject, please name the conversation group for convenience. To do this, click Details in the message string, pull the screen down and fill out the group name in the Group Name.

Leave group chat
Group Messaging for multiple users iMessage corresponded talking very handy, but if you find it annoying and wanted to leave the group, click Details button in the upper right corner of the conversation group, and then select Leave Conversation.

Turn off the alarm message to
You want to turn off the alarm sound received a message for someone, then open the chain messages with this person, press the button Details and enable the Do Not Disturb.

Share your current location
To describe exactly where someone, you simply send a message to your location. To do this, click on the Details button in the upper right corner of the screen the string of messages between the two sides, and then click next to Send My Location.

Multitasking in email
You are composing unfinished email can still browse quickly the other emails in the inbox without exit. Tap on the top, where the New text Message or title (if you have filled in the Subject) of the email, and drag down to the bottom of the screen. This will shrink the emails that are send to a bottom line, thanks to which you can easily browse the other email. When want to back continued to compose email just click on it waiting at the bottom of the screen.

Forward the message to another person
As with email, you can forward a received message to other people. Tap twice on message want to forward, and then click More options … just show up. Then click on the forward arrow button in the lower right corner, finally filling the number or the name of the recipient from the contacts and sending.

Allow relatives to track the places you go to
If you’d like the ones in your family or your friends to follow your journey, you can manipulate as above but select Share My Location instead of Send My Location. You can set the time share location is 1 hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.

Call the Siri from bumbing Home button

Not always you also hold the Home button to activate your Siri. So then you just say “Hey Siri” is the virtual assistant of the Apple will turn up (note that in addition to the iPhone, the iPhone Plus 6S and 6S life older than to plug the new sources are to be used for this feature). Of course, Hey Siri to be set in Settings > General > Siri.


Thanks Siri read anything
You can activate your Siri to read newspapers online, books, message … thanks to one of the useful features of the iPhone that few people noticed. To Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech, then activate the Screen and Speak Speak Selection. From now on, every time you two finger claws from the top of the screen down Siri will read the entire contents are shown.

IPhone control by shaking the head
This exciting feature in the Accessibility didnt. To set up, you go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll down to the Interaction, click the Control, and then Switch to the Switches > Add New > Switch Camera. Here, select the Left Head Movement or Right Head Movement. Next up, you down the System and choose a corresponding task movements shook his head to the left or right. If the select with Switch Control for example, Siri is enabled, every time you shook his head as chose Siri will automatically activate.

See the places you have to go through
iPhone to record every place you’ve been to, and you can review the “mark” in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Here, you scroll down to the bottom and select Frequent Locations, click on the History section to review.

Save battery power by using the iPhone in gray mode
If the battery is low, the iPhone wants to extend the time to use the machine while no charging conditions, move the screen to monochrome mode to save battery power. To accomplish that, you go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn the mode to Grayscale. You should also incorporate the brightness decreases to a minimum.

Drag the icons and other content down to the bottom of the screen
This feature is called Reachability Mode, only works with the iPhone and iPhone Plus 6S 6/6/6S Plus.If you are using iPhone big screen with one hand, you can tap the Home button twice to pull the logos and other content on the screen down to the bottom, so easy to control. You note is touching rather than double click the Home button, if not will trigger the conversion interface application (app switcher).

Use the Low Power Mode to prolong battery
Low Power Mode, a new feature of iOS 4, tell your iPhone reduce some features to further prolong the amount of time to use with the battery. This means that it will stop making new applications running in the background, instant email updates, and few other anecdotal things to maintain your battery be used longer.

Launch the application to play music by plugging the headset
If you usually listen to music at the same time every morning, your iPhone will know to automatically launch the application playing music as soon as you plug the headset into the air. This is also a new features of iOS 10.

Find everything in the menu Settings
Since iOS 4, you no longer have to curious to find everything in the menu Settings of the iPhone.This menu has now added the search box at the top, help you jump right to any setting.

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