Wednesday, 15 August 2018

10 iPhone X hints for business users

You’ve learned all the new gestures, kicked Face ID around and you already use a VPN and alphanumeric passcode, you use your iPhone X to get things done, so how can you get things done faster?

Open up

Enterprise users opening their iPhone gazillion times per day may get tired of raising the device and then swiping up after the Face ID padlock opens. If that’s you, then try this:

Raise the iPhone

…and swipe up immediately.

As this usually works. Saving you seconds in which you can dream of your next London business trip or beautiful African vacation.

Thumbs up

Thanks to Reachability you can do a lot with your iPhone X. You enable the feature in Settings>Accessibility where you toggle Reachability to on (green). When you switch this on you can cause the top of the screen to lower itself to the bottom of the screen just by swiping down the Home indicator.

That’s great, it makes your iPhone easier to control with a one hand – but there’s one more thing: Once you are in Reachability mode you can access Control Center by swiping up from the lower right of the display, making it easier to use your smartphone while rushing to your next meeting clutching your briefcase.

Installing enterprise apps

Apple has made it much easier to use your choice of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to manage the device and install and distribute proprietary enterprise apps across the organization.

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