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“Open for business:” McGregor and Marquette clean up after flash flooding – kwwl.com

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CLAYTON COUNTY, Iowa (KWWL) — Severe thunderstorms dropped more than four inches of rain on McGregor and Marquette Thursday night, triggering flash flood warnings for the towns.

It was business as usual on Friday for both communities. Shops were open after their owners cleared their sidewalks of mud and other debris that was brought in during flash flooding.

“We came down this street and it was just like a river,” said Judy Dennis-Burns about McGregor’s Main Street.

That “river” left a thick coat of mud in some places Friday morning. Even though the water is gone, pumps were still humming away to clean up what water was left.

An antique store in McGregor was pumping water from their basement and show room.

People in both towns said the mud and debris is just part of living in a hilly community. Heavy rains bringing what it perched at the top of the bluffs down to the ground.

“McGregor’s Main Street was full of water. Marquette had water running down the hillside. Highway 76 going north out of Marquette was closed for a while. We had mudslides and trees coming down on the hillside,” said Ashley Kishman, executive director of the McGregor and Marquette Chamber of Commerce.

Shopkeepers in both towns said Thursday night isn’t a reason to avoid coming to either town to spend some money. Everything was cleaned up by early Friday afternoon, making it seem like nothing had ever happened.

Dennis-Burns and her husband drove into McGregor during the storm to visit family on a trip back from Wisconsin.

“We crept down the street and parked across the street. We then had to wade across with water up to our ankles and slippery mud underneath.

Crews worked through the night to clear the roads, especially the highways, of any debris.

As of early Friday, the Mississippi River at McGregor has risen to 11 feet. It is forecast to climb to 13.7 feet sometime next week, which is 2.5 feet below flood stage.

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