Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Value of Uncirculated Presidential Coins – The 1 Dollar Presidential Coin Program

When shopping for coins, one the most popular coins are the uncirculated presidential coins. You need to keep in mind that such coins are called uncirculated due to not having any obvious wear and tear and looks to be in mint or brand new condition. It's possible to find commemorative coins that are hundreds of years old but still in excellent condition. In rare cases you may encounter a few with marks, and these are referred as "bag marks". The value of these coins are said to be based on age, being uncirculated and of course being in as new condition.

In most cases the coin received the marks from being piled together with other coins, and not because it was in active circulation. There is also a term called the Fleur De Coin, which is used to describe a coin that is considered to be perfect. A collector would often use the term to describe a coin that is in flawless condition.

The Government has been issuing $ 1 coins to honor the past Presidents. These coins have the images of each President on the coin itself. Each year four new coins are released. The coins have large artwork along with inscriptions of the year it was minted and issued. The actual weight and size of the coin is similar to the Sacajawea Golden dollar.

By the year 2016 the issuing of the coins will be terminated. This is expected to take place after President Ronald Reagan is honored. For the program to start again, Congress will need to pass another bill for it to re-start. As time goes by the value of these coins should be increased.

The actual value of these coins will vary based on their condition. Many have argued that they have little value, while others state that as time goes by the value increases.

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