Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Two Sides of Every Coin

"There are two sides of every coin," as the saying goes. There are some very simple yet vitally important truths that can be derived from this. The most obvious is that there is something on the other side of what is seen that is not readily apparent to the eyes. One must take the time, and effort, to look and see what is not obvious. If you are looking to see only what is directly in front of you that is all you will see. If you are only looking for the evidence to support your view, again, that is all that you will find. There is a simple truth that I have found evidenced in my life in my life over and over again, "You will always find what you are looking for."

What do I mean by that? Let me give you an example. I used to go into stores knowing that one of the things that seemed to be lacking all across America is that of simple, good ol 'fashioned customer service. I would see associates on their phones, carrying on conversations with a co-worker while customers waited, and general disinterest in the customer as a whole. I saw a lack of eye contact, rude responses, and poor service. In fact, it seemed so prevalent I almost wanted to just stay home and shop online! Then one day as I was entering a store I thought myself thinking, "I wonder what I am going to have to deal with today?"

I changed my approach. I decided to instead look for a reason instead of a result. As I entered the store, not unexpectedly, I was ignored by the first associate. I looked around and saw that there were only two people working, the stock had just come in from multiple different vendors and the associate was working diligently to get the product off the floor an onto the shelves. The other associate was at the register with a long line and not looking too happy about it. I noted that the customers were murmuring about the wait. "Could they not see she was working as quickly as she could?", I thought to myself.

Again, I decided to change up my approach. When I made it to the register, instead of setting my groceries on the counter I paused and waited for the associate to look at me. When she did, I addressed her by name and said thank you for working so diligently in spite of the rude customers. Then I told her I really appreciated that. I set my groceries down and she rang them up. As I was walking away from the counter I heard the smile in her voice as she greeted the next customer. If I had continued to view my day through my old lens both she and I would have continued to have a bad day.

I share this story not just to tell you how to shop … although it might help. lol I share this to show you that your entire life will begin to change when you start looking at conversations, relationships, and interactions with other people from their perspective. Sometimes we are quick to misjudge what others are saying, or even the intent of their words, when we only look at things from our point of view.

This is also true when we study the Word of God. If we truly believe that our understanding of something within God's Word is correct it is easy for us to pull versa or passes that support our understanding. After all, it is those versions and passes that have helped us to come to the agreements that we have already. It does not mean that someone looking at that same passage may see something that you did not. We are all different and there before we see things from different angles. Our lens should always be Jesus Christ and our revelation through Holy Spirit. Yet, who we are, sometimes enable us or hinders us from seeing what another may not see.

Rather than argument about who is right or wrong, would it not make more sense to simply sit down, open our Bibles and objectively look at God's Word together? When we seek the truth of God's Word through prayerful consideration and looking from both perspectives we will see twice as much.

A coin is a coin no matter which side you look at – there is no changing or arguing that fact. But depending on what side you look at you will see something completely different. It is only when you are willing to look at both sides of the coin that you will see a complete picture and understand the value of what it represents.

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