Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The American Silver Eagle Coins at the Mint

The United States Mint began issuing the amazingly rare Silver Eagle Coins on October 29, 1986. Ever since, all mintings and prices of these uncirculated and proof coins have greatly varied with the majority of their issue dates averaging for around $ 25 each, of course with some exceptions. You should also know how you can compare them with some other famous special coins.

The American Silver Eagle was minted at the San Fransisco mint carrying a "S" mint mark between the years of 1986 to 1992. Then from 1993 through 2000 these beautiful coins were minted at the Philadelphia mint holding the "P" mint mark. Since the beginning of 2001 they have been mined at West Point in New York carrying the "W" mint mark.

Uncirculated American Silver Eagle coins, which are also known to collectors as non burned, are mined without carrying a mint mark anywhere on these rare coins, while proof coins will contain the mint mark by the year. There was no way of tracking where any uncirculated coins originated from except through their date of issue, until all uncirculated coins began be produced strictly at the West Point facility.

With the United States Mint backing these beloved coins and their content, weight, and purity being guaranteed by the United States Government, then the avid collector knows exactly what it is they will be receiving. The description of their production has been said to be similar to creating the proof and uncirculated coins, in that they are loaded by hand into the coin press then stuck on specially burned blanks carrying the mint mark of the specified mint.

In 1995 at the West Point mint a limited edition of proof American Silver Eagle coins were minted along with coins that were mined at the Philadelphia mint of that same year. However, the 1995-W silver eagle was only available as part of a set of gold eagles. Only a 30,125 of this limited edition set was minted, with the silver eagle being the key to making this set so popular. All uncirculated silver eagles have been produced strictly at West Point since 2001 containing no mint mark.

Let us now look at the minting of the American Platinum Eagle Coins. This magnificent creation on these rare coins was designed and engraved by famous sculptor and engraver John M. Mercanti.

These astonishing rare coins bear the inscription "Liberty" and the mottos, "In God We Trust", and "E Pluribus Unum", which are also on the opposite along with their date of issue. Within the curve located at the bottom of these coins you will find the face value and the West Point "W" mint mark, which is also found on the opposite.

The special gold Eagle Coins, on the other hand, are more precious if they were mined before 1935. The most popular design on the American Gold Eagle bullion coins is the inspiring image of the Liberty stridor gloriously out of the dawn. It was introduced by the US mint in 1986.

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