Santo Domingo's Antique Market, a Place for Coin Collectors

Every Sunday, from 9:00 am to approximately 5:00 pm, a flea market operates at Las Damas street in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Located at Plaza Maria de Toledo, at the site you will find diverse antique items such as vintage memorabilia, phones, watches, dolls, and license plates, among other collectors' objects.

Even though the place is in fact small and you can count the sellers with the fingers in your hands, the mini antique market is especially interesting for coin collectors. There you will find a wide variety of local coins, some of which date back to colonial times. There are also several international coins available, even some allegedly authentic Roman Empire coins.

As in any antique market, you must be aware about fake items. My nephew was about to buy a "too good to be true" antique American coin "bargain" that turned out to be a replica made in China. Fortunately, he found some real Dominican half cents from the XIX century, which were a good deal.

We bought most of our coins from an old man who looked to be a veteran antique seller. He gave the impression to be the most reliable and knowledgeable seller in the place. Likewise, he carries the widest array of collection objects in the market to suit all collection tastes, which are certainly diverse …

I asked him about several legs, arms, and other body parts of what seemed to be mutilated porcelain dolls that were exhibited at his site. I surprised who could be interested in such fractions. One box included legs, another arms, another one heads, and so forth. He explained to me that doll collectors like to buy the different parts and assemble the dolls. Obviously, finding the different pieces, identifying the manufacturing year and finally reconstructing the doll is part of the excitation of the doll collection hobby.

As for the coins, this particular seller has several books containing different coins that he lets you browse as he provides information and several tips that help you identify the real from the counterfeit.

Since bargaining is expected, you can buy items for less. Make an offer, even if just for fun, and see what happens.

If you are touring Santo Domingo's Colonial Zone on a Sunday and are interested in coin collection or in any sort of collection, then this flea market is worth visiting. You might find something interesting. At least I did.

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