Review of Robert Taylor's Xyber 9

In this review of Xyber 9, I will examine the Xyber 9 stock forecasting program developed by Robert Taylor, and offered online through a monthly membership site. The software is based on the research of Robert Taylor, a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Economics, who discovered that stock prices correlate with gravitational fluctuations as evidenced by the level of tides.

You may question how gravitational forces have anything to do with the stock market, however, Taylor's research does show a strong connection between the two.As a matter of fact, the research done by Taylor shows that major high and low points in the stock market over the last hundred years or so have had an adverse relationship to highs and lows in gravitational activity, as measured by tidal levels. From this finding, Taylor developed a model that predicts future stock market direction based on expected gravitational fluctuations, and Xyber 9 is the result of this research.

For those inclined to take a closer look at the research, Taylor has written a fictional book called Paradigm, which outlines the research behind his theories. Fortunately, people who are not interested in the fictional tale can skip to the paper at the end of the book which details Taylor's findings. "Taylor's Law" summarizes the correlation between gravitational forces and the financial markets and states the following.

"The financial market's expansion and contracting is quantitatively in direct correlation to the increases and decrees in gravitational fluctuations experienced at the human level. to the increases in gravitational forces. "

All this may be quite fascinating, but the real question is whether the model, and more specifically whether the Xyber 9 software can indeed predict stock prices. The Xyber 9 site does post all past forecasts, so you can see for yourself. In general, I believe the Xyber 9 model does show better results than what one would get from following many other signals. But it is far from perfect.

As a former subscriber of Xyber 9, one frustrating thing was trying to replicate the performance posted on the site. Taylor calculates gains and losses in an unrealistic way by taking the high or low of the day the forecast was made, and comparing it to the high or low at the end of the forecast. This means that for long positions, the low of the first day would be assembled to be the entry point, and the high of the last day would be assembled to be the exit point. Of course, in real life, no trader would be able to capture the high or low of the signal day, and therefore the actual results tend to be a lot lower than what is posted, especially after contracts and slippage are taken into account.

But in spite of this, the Xyber 9 forecasts do often beat the market. During the market mayhem that unfolded at the end of 2008, the Xyber 9 program did seem to perform better than a traditional buy and hold strategy. On the other hand, Xyber 9 did deliver some signals that missed some major moves, so it is not reliable enough to be completely trusted.

So in conclusion, although I think Taylor has unveiled an interesting relationship between gravitational fluctuations and stock prices, I believe he may need to tweak his program just a bit more to make the Xyber 9 program truly powerful. Right now, it shows lots of promise, but its accuracy is still not high enough for me to be comfortable with the signals, especially during a volatile market.

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