Price Driven Forex Trading by Avi Frister

Price Driven Forex Trading is a system consisting of three different techniques that are designed to increase the opportunities for the average person to successfully enter the Forex Trading Market and continuously show positive returns. Like any investment, there is always a risk of loss … especially when you are involved in the trading and exchange of foreign currencies. However, these programs combine to greatly reduce your investment risks while maximizing your possible returns. This is a deceptively simple and precise method of Forex Trading.

The true beauty of Price Driven Forex Trading is that it is comprised of these three individual programs. As long as you can follow simple instructions precisely, you should not have any difficulty in being able to establish yourself as a full-time, career forex trader. The only information you will have to follow is the current price of the two currencies you are exchanging. There is no need to delve deep into the markets trying to understand a vast number of new terms.

The first program is the Cash Cow Method that was devised for Swing Traders. Again, all of the information that you will need is the current price of the two treaties. The entire method will take you moment minutes a week to complete. On your first day, all you have to do is follow two very simple steps. If and when the conditions are right, you then move into phase two and implement your trade.

Reviewing the factors involved in whether or not to initiate the trade can be accomplished in a few short seconds. Again, this is not overly complex or detailed trade lingo that you have to interpret. All you have to look for is the current prices and verify that everything is in accordance with the first step. When the conditions are right, your second day involves nothing more than placing three very simple orders.

The first thing you will have to do is to enter a limit order so that you can initiate the actual trade. Next, you should enter a stop-loss order so that you can limit your losses and the risks that are commonly associated with Forex Trading. The third entry will be your profit objective. Once that is done, there really is nothing left for you to do except to wait … and watch if you want to.

All three of these factors are based on a single and simple equation that never changes. The numbers will remain the same in all instances. While this particular method is better suited, as we said, for the swing traders, it is a viable long term goal for Forex Trading. The last two methods of Price Driven Forex Trading are more suited towards day-traders. Yet they too are deceptively easy and effective methods of trading in the very lucrative Forex Markets.

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