PCGS Silver Eagles From the World Trade Center

Silver eagles were found at the vault under the world trade center and even in this Gem Uncirculated grade it sure is a beautiful coin. The pedigrees American Flag insert made on all silver eagles found at the world trade center vault was specifically designed by PCGS when they graded the coins and put them in their cases. Many of the coins I personally own small specs of dust and other debris inside the enclosed capsule but I look at this as just part of the history of these coins. PCGS was established in 1986 by a small group of the nation's leading rare coin experts. The intention of PCGS would be to create a climate in which consumers could participate in the coin market with greater confidence. As PCGS came up with a standard in grading coins and they would keep a record of coins graduated.

PCGS pioneered the sonically-sealed, high security capsule as a method of reinforcing its Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity of each PCGS coin.

In addition, the unique certification number permanently sealed inside each coin capsule may be utilized by the coin's owner as a reliable means of identification of the coin against PCGS database.

Once the grading process is complete, the coin (with a certification tag indicating its individual identification number, denomination and grade), is sonically sealed inside a tamper-evident coin capsule. A unique certification number is then assigned from the PCGS computer inventory system. This important process enables PCGS to methodically track all coins graduated by PCGS.

With this in mind we now know that PCGS as the ability to give us the Population numbers and grades of all coins found at the World Trade Center vault and they will have a computer file on the coins. So now it should not be long before we have this information.

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