Patience Gets You the Best Bank Rates on Investment

If you were to ask me which bank I thought would offer you the best rate for a CD also known as a certificate of deposit, I would tell you that would vary from week to week. What does that have to do with patience?

Patience gives you the ability to not become impulsive upon actions in order to feel fulfilled immediately, but allows you to wait for the right moment that will provide the overall best result. This is precisely one of the most important things with investing money because most things are bought and sold on compulsion. Why would that make investing with money any different? It does not.

What this leads us into is the best way to invest from a psychological standpoint. If you feel comfortable with a bank that has treated you well over years of service then you might be sooner to go with them and take whatever they offer you as far as interest is concerned. But if you are really wanting to get a good Bank CD rate, then you will wait for a promotion. There are several things you will want to make sure of when waiting for that perfect bank deal.

First off you will want to make sure that any money being invested is not income that you must need for personal use or family use in any way. If this were the case you would need to take the money back out of a bank and become penalized with fees for early withdrawal.

The second thing you will want to make sure of, is investing with a true financial institution that is FDIC insured, and is upfront about a rate. This means it should not be contingent on mortgage specials, or any other specials that some companies use to lure you into their office with.

If you use patience, and invest at the right moment with a reputable bank, you will lock in the CD rate you wanted, and will receive a nice return on your investment, knowing full well that your money is safe.

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