Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mandela Medallions and Coins

Mandela bullion coins are very popular collectible coins with constantly growing value. They port Nelson Mandela, former president of the South African Republic, humanitarian and anti-apartheid activist. They are minted in his honor and symbolize Mandela's legacy, democracy, equality and hope.

History and Design

The first coins with Nelson Mandela motive have been mined when Nelson Mandela became a president of the South African Republic. They have been mined ever since then and still remain some of the most valuable collectible coins.

The coins all have one thing in common. They all portray Nelson Mandela and different motives related to his life such as Robben Island where he was imprisoned for 18 years, the Mandela's inception, ideas such as democracy and other motives of hope and equality.

Legal Tender and Bullion Coins From Different Mints

Coins that portrait Nelson Mandela are minted as legal tender and as bullion coins. A lot of them are mined by the South African Mint, while there are also a lot of medallions minted by other mints around the world, including famous Mint of Norway.

The coins are mined from different metals, in different sizes and with different designs. You can find beautiful gold, silver and platinum medallions designed for collectors, as well as legal tender coins that often became popular among collectors.

Some of the most popular collectible Mandela medallions have been mined by the South African Mint and Mint of Norway, including gold Inauguration medallions minted from 24 carat gold, gold and silver Robben Island medallions, gold, silver and platinum Nobel laureate medallions and gold Mandela mint mark medallions. You can also find different sets of bullion Mandela medallions.


You can find some of the most profitable coins in the world among Mandela coins. Their values ​​have exceeded all expectations. A great example is a proof Mandela R5 coin. Its value has increased by four million percent in less than ten years. This makes this coin one of the most profitable bullion coins in the world. Some of these coins are very rare which makes them incredibly valuable and perfect for collectors and investors.

Buying Mandela Medallions and Coins

Some of the rarest coins are quite hard to find. You can buy them from different coin dealers around the world or online on websites such as Bid or Buy, Amazon, eBay and from different online coin dealers.

When buying coins online you should be careful and pay attention to seller's reputation, feedback from other buyers, warranty and return policy. This way you can avoid buying counterfeits and low quality coins.

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