Magic Coin Tricks Even You Can Do

It's fun to do magic coin tricks, and they're fairly easy to learn. True, it takes some time and practice to get them down perfectly, but the effort is well worth it.

For our first magic coin trick, we'll require two coins. The best combination is a nickel and a penny.

To get started, you'll need to place one of the coins in the hand of your volunteer, who'll be someone in your audience. Ask them to hold the coin with their palm facing upward.

Now you'll tell everyone that you'll be able to grab the coin before the volunteer can close their hand. You'll position your hand just over the coin in your volunteer's hand, with your fingers slightly spread.

Now you'll try to pick up the coin using just your first three fingers and your thumb.

The volunteer will believe they're faster than you are. And they'll be convinced because they still feel a disc-shaped object in their palm … which turns out to be another coin.

It can be a lot of fun to learn magic coin tricks, but sometimes you'll need help from someone who knows what you're doing. So ask someone to assist you, and make sure it's a friend who will not reveal your secret.

Here's what you do: Place a coin in your friend's hand and then place the other coin on your palm, just at the crease between your forefinger and thumb. You'll hold your hand so it looks as though you are about to grab the other's coin.

Just as you are about to snatch that coin away, tell your friend to slowly close their fingers since you're still learning how to do this trick. Then you'll pick up the coin and very quickly swap it with the other coin you've been holding, just in the same exact place.

Now tell your friend to close up their hand. As you keep practicing, you'll get better and faster at it. Your friend will then be able to close their hand as fast as they possibly can.

Once you've got that coin trick down pat, you can attempt to do it before an audience. Do not stop the trick by showing off the coin that you took from the volunteer. Instead, let them open their first on their own to see that the coin is different.

Magic coin tricks are a favorite for kids. This is a great trick to use when kids are going to make the bulk of your audience.

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