Investing in Antiques in an Unsure Economy

I was in the hospital waiting room … waiting and waiting. Anyways, it gave me some time to read. I was thumbing through a Finance magazine and seen some savvy investors. They were not placing all their money in the stock market, the bank or stuffing it their mattress for a rainy day. They were investing in what they loved. Collectibles, antiques etc. One man was collecting watches. He started when he was very young. He has quite a collection now in his 40's.

I have always loved the jewelry from days gone by. There is something about that time. Everything was original. Not a copy of someone elses work, nothing looked the same as the other. People had vision, originality. They dared to express themselves through fancy purses, jewelry, fine watches or really awesome muscle cars! I dream of a 1970 Superbird. Ok, I'm drooling and my keyboard is starting to get wet.

Okay, given, people DO still have originality today, but not as much as then. How much "retro" do you see? Point made. That is because those eras were cool! Too cool to leave alone and not replicate once again.

I have collected many items myself over the years. I am not an expert by any means, but I can say this … I furnished my entire house with beautiful antique furniture for less than the cost of new solid wood dining room set. That was before antiques were cool. Now I'm "hot", "cool", "hip", "rad". Are any of those terms still used today?

Find something you love. Collect it. Research it first though. You need to make sure you are not paying too much for the item. The goal is a "return" on your investment. Sometimes with a great deal, that return can be immediate. Do not get excited … it does not happen that often. The nice thing about collecting what you love is that you also get to enjoy it. That is the big bonus!

So, with that said, again, collect what you love. Cherish it, show it off to your friends and family, love it and hang onto it for a few years and then when your ready, and only when your ready, cash it in.

Where can you find these wonderful items you love? Many states have Auctions. My best rule for an auction is to go to the one that is not as popular as another set for the same day. For example, I live in Northwest Ohio. We have some awesome Auctions around here. There could be 7 Auctions; all in the same day, within my driving area. If an Auction has a lot of RS Prussia china, or other very bought after pieces, I will skip that Auction … unless you collect RS Prussia of course. The reason I would skip it? Most of the Antique Dealers will be there! This means the prices will go higher than I am willing to spend. I will go to a smaller Auction. Many Dealers will not go to these auctions as they see them as a waste of time. What does this mean for you? WooHoo …. BONUS! I have benefited many times over this way. I bought a beautiful old dresser for $ 2.00 and at another Auction a 1800's pump organ for $ 50.00; and too many more to list! There is a good example of instant return.

If the State you reside in does not have Auctions, maybe they have Estate Sales. Egypt garage sales. If you chose garage sales, get there early … everyone else will. Church bazaars are another great deal opportunity. I just went to a church bazaar the other day. I spent $ 50.00 on jewelry there. The items I purchased are worth at least $ 300 to $ 400. A few items I will hold onto, the others I will sell.

I hope this helps you and will make you take a look at an old piece of jewelry your Grandmother might want to give you. It may not look like much to you, but the value could be significant. Cherish the antiques, it is the original, usually handmade item that someone once loved dearly and could be cherished again … by you!

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