Invest When the Chips Are Down! Right Time to Enter Markets in Small Lots

DURING the past six months, the financial and economic scenario has undergone a sea change due to high inflation of nearly 12%, softening property prices after reaching astronomically high levels, reduction in gross domestic product (GDP) forecasts and consequent slower growth rate of the economy, political uncertainty, sub-prime financial crisis and slowdown in the US. In view of the above, let us review what investment strategies one can adopt.

Do not Overtrade

First and very important is not to Overtrade – Never put all your money / savings in share market.

Best Investment in different sectors

Do not invest your money in single share / company invest in multiple shares / companies and again not in same sector. Invest in different sectors this will save you from big loss if that sector or company goes in down trend.

Wait, watch and trade

Do not jump in market early. Wait, watch and trade. Make sure and confirm all your strategies like resistance and support levels and then plan to trade / invest in share market.

Do not react to tips given by anyone –

First observorate that stock, check the volume, where they are increasing or decreasing and then decide your trade. Do not buy or sell blindly based on share tips.

Always go with Market trend

Do not short sell, if the market is going up and do not buy if the market is falling down.Try to minimize your loss and increase profit

Get ready to accept loss if you do wrong trade

Come out of your trade if you have entered in wrong time by accepting loss, instead of waiting and running into huge loss.

Do not Panic

Do not make early trades and even do not square off your trade early –

Even if you see the scrip has moved up drastically, do not buy, confirm the volumes of buying and selling and then decide your trade. Do not square off / exit from your trade early if you see scrip / share has come down bit from top. If it is coming down from top means it is cooling, if you see more buyer than seller then you should hold your position. You must know which share has what momentum, means if the share price is Rs.120 then you can expect upside from Rs.1 to 5 and not Rs.50 to 100. If the scrip is going up, it will go in ladder fashion , it will go up and it will come down bit and it will again continue its upward journey.

Invest in Share market for long term market

Share market returns are long term returns. If you planning for short term, then you should keep updated yourself about your stock and share market. Some day traders also do quite well earning on day to day basis. If you do not know proper day trading, then you should not do its big risk and same thing applications for short term trading. Invest in shares having good financial background and wait for long term, you will get good returns as compared to any other investment methods.

Wait for your opportunity

If you are not sure about market movement then watch and wait for opportunity, do not trade forcefully. Some times market move in range bound means market move up-down in very small range at that time it becomes very difficult to judge the market direction. Its always better to wait instead of losing money.

Do not expect too much – day traders

Do not expect too much – Be happy in whatever profit you get, do not try to grab too much from market. Be realistic, and do not expect too much.

Online investment advice for high returns

Lack of Knowledge is very risky and very dangerous, so do not do trading or investing without having proper knowledge. Read books, refer websites and get prepared before you plan for share market trading or investing.

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