If you’re bored by Bitcoin, sink your money into doubloons and pieces of eight

Are you bored by your Bitcoins? Looking for a more exciting investment that is also a sure thing? I have some suggestions.  This is a very good time to be ahead of the game and get into doubloons. In his latest newsletter to investors, US financial wizard Scurvy J Beard says he believes that there could still be a dozen undiscovered pirate treasure maps in existence. This has stirred tremendous interest in notional doubloons and also in supposed pieces of eight, which are now changing hands at $1,500 each. 

Monopoly money is another wise bet. In December 1974 the Wilkinson family, of Devizes, played a game in which a dispute over a hotel on Vine Street led to the notorious Great Wilkinson Massacre. A single £100 note from that game recently fetched the equivalent of £280,000 in Tokyo. Get Out of Jail Free cards (in batches of 10) are appreciating by 20 per cent a year. After a lull of about…

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