How To Sell Gold Coins – Facts You Need To Know

If you are looking to sell gold coins, it would be to your advantage if you are well-aware of the bullion and numismatic values ​​of the gold. An extensive knowledge of grading and evaluation of rare coins would be easier for someone to sell coins. Standard bullion coins like the American Gold eagle can either get sold for more than or less than their base gold value. The pricing will depend on the supply and demand as gold prices are being tracked daily for fluctuation. The popular coins that are fast and easy to sell include Canadian Maple Leaf, American eagle, and kruggerands. If you happen to own any of these coins then you are lucky indeed as you can make a fortune selling coins.

How much can you sell gold coins for?

Firstly, you have to do an inventory of what you have, and what kind of gold bullions you own. Most coins are not 100% pure gold. Some would range from 40% to 99%. Canadian maple leafs are among the world's premier gold bullion coins, and they are the best selling 24-Karat bullion coins and contains 99.9% gold. American gold eagles contain 22-karat gold which means they contain about 91.6% gold, and 8.4% of a copper-silver-alloy. Krugerrands are also one of the best selling gold bullions ever. Like the gold eagles, they also contain 22-karat gold, being alloyed with copper. Secondly, determine the size and weight of your gold coins, as it comes in different sizes. Thirdly, know how to price your coins.

One way to determine the value of your coins is to check the regular pricing from the US and London Futures Market every business day. They usually quote for the price for a large volume of coins. This is what they call the "spot" price. It is similar to a wholesale price. So if you are trying to sell gold coins to bullion dealers or gold coin stores, it would be reasonable for them to quote you with a higher rate than that of the spot price.

How to find a buyer for your coins

There are reliable resources to use if you want to sell gold coins. There are services called "exchanges" where you are allowed to advertise your coins. Another famous option is selling it through eBay and other famous auction sites. However, if you are not an experienced seller yet, you may want to skip this and just go for the most convenient method. You can just go directly to gold buyers online. Needless to say, you have to do your research well and compare notes as to be able to come up with the best deal to sell gold coins.

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