How to Be a Cool Girl That Men Like

What makes a "cool girl?" You may have your own ideas about what the ideal woman should be, and you may try to emanate this through your behavior, your choice of clothes, and in your grooming. But is your idea of ​​a "cool girl" the same as a man's idea of ​​a "cool girl?"

The funny thing about men is that they have a totally different idea of ​​a cool girl from most women. This is the reason why a lot of boyfriends suddenly find themselves wanting out of a relationship, even if the woman they fell in love with seemed "cool" at the beginning.

Here's the typical falling-out scenario: A man and a woman usually fall in love with each other when they find that they share the same interests or think along the same lines. But since most of the better men out there are the strong, silent types, some women get frustrated with the lack of emotional expression.

These women make the mistake of thinking that since they like to talk about their feelings often, the men in their lives should do the same thing. But in reality, men are not wired to talk about their emotions – men pride themselves in being some of the most logical creatures on the planet. If you tell them to express themselves more often, you'll run the risk of doing the opposite.

You see, when you complain about his lack of expression, he 'll feel that you're accusing him of doing something wrong. The fact is that he does not think anything's wrong, and that your complaints make you sound oversensitive and dramatic. What's worse, the more you make him feel like he's doing something wrong, the less likely he'll be more open.

To men, a woman who's oversensitive, melodramatic, and paranoid is the paramount example of an "uncool" girl. Men call these girls "crazy." While that may sound unfair, it's the sad reality – and no matter what your intentions are in asking him to be more open, he'll always be unreceptive to that kind of criticism.

So what makes a "cool" girl in men's eyes? What else – the opposite of uncool. Men are silent by nature, and the more you understand this fact of life, the cooler you become for them.

Level-headed women are cool. Women who keep things interesting are cool. Unpredictable, easygoing women are cool. In other words, the fewer insecurities a woman has, the cooler she becomes in men's eyes.

How cool are you?

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