FX Swing Trader Pro Review

The FX Swing Trader Pro is a video training course for Forex traders. It was created by Cecil Robles who is known for creating high end and advanced trading systems and courses. This one is no different. FX Swing Trader Pro is a course made up of 10 video modules, each of which contains multiple videos, in which you can learn how to capture swings in the market prices of various currencies.

The system itself works by "behavioral analysis". Cecil Robles makes the case that the market is made up of people and that it is the behavior of these people (other traders) that causes market prices shifts and movements. He distinguishes behavioral analysis from technical analysis, although he uses technical indicators in his method, as well as fundamental tools.

I agree with Robles on how it is the changing opinions and behavior of traders that determined price swings. It is mind opening to see how he teaches you to analyze these behavior changes.

The purpose of the FX Swing Trader Pro system is to help you identify price swings when they are just beginning to happen and to capture 70-85% of the entire price movements. In some cases, this can yield a profit of hundreds of pips. The profit potential you have with this system is large.

However, the system is only part of the course. It is a complete trading manual which gives you tools that go beyond the mere trading. As part of the course, Robles teaches you the very habits that successful traders must cultivate and shows you how you need to be much more than a person who knows how to enter and exit a trade.

Even before the actual system is taught, Robles dedicates an entourage module to money management, a skill which many traders neglect but one which you have to cultivate and master if you want to achieve long term success. Another module lectures the mental side of trading in which Robles shares 26 power tips to help you deal with the stress and mental strain of trading. Most courses hard touch on that. I was impressed with the amount of time that was given to these important aspect of trading in FX Swing Trader Pro.

Overall, I learned a lot from FX Swing Trader Pro. It is a trading system which is built on real knowledge and testing and one which may help you boost your trading profits tremendously.

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