Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Forex Education – How a Group Of Traders Made Millions After Just 14 Days Training!

If you want to learn the right forex education then you need to study the story enclosed in this article. We are going to look at a group of traders who had no experience but with just 14 days training went on to make over $ 100 million in 4 years.

The story takes us back 25 years as legendary trader Richard Dennis set out to prove a point:

The Experiment

That anyone regardless of their educational background, age, sex or profession could learn to trade so he gathered together a diverse group he nicknamed "the turtles"

The diverse group consulted of an female auditor, an actor, a couple of professional card players and a security guard – so a diverse group.

The only thing they had in common was they had never traded before.

Dennis set them to work and in 14 days had them trained and they were given accounts to trade and the result was hundreds of millions in profit.

Dennis had proved his point – Anyone can become a trader if taught the right knowledge.

The Paradox

You maybe thinking – if anyone can learn to trade then why do 95% of traders lose their money?

You can learn the answer to this from the turtle experiment.

Dennis knew that teaching a method is easy but the problem is the trader must have the right mindset to apply the method – if you do not have the discipline to apply your method you do not have one.

He taught them a simple method – but also everything about it, terms of the logic behind it and why it works. This meant they could have confidence in what they were doing and the discipline to apply it.

Discipline the Key to Forex Success

A forex trading system is easy to learn, executing trading signals through is strong of losses is hard even for experienced traders. If you think it's easy try it and see.

The turtle experiment shows that trading success is open to all – regardless of educational background, age or sex. We all have a chance to succeed, what we make of that chance depends on our forex education and mindset.

More Info

You can read more about the experiment in Jack Schwagers excellent book Market Wizards and from one of the most successful "turtles" Curtis Faith in "The way of the turtle" where he outlines everything about the experiment and its application including the rules and the challenges the turtles faced.


The story of the turtles inspired me to trade over 20 years ago and I hope it inspires you as well.

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