Easy Forex Review – About Easy Forex

Easy Forex is a web-based trading platform that enables the average user to trade currency all from one centralized dashboard. Registration is free and easy, taking as little as 5 minutes in most cases. Easy Forex is a fully regulated company in three countries.

Traders can trade at whatever time they choose, because the forex market is accessible almost 24 hours a day, and can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. For most online platforms, one of the benefits you can get from it is that there are no software to download in order to trade the markets, so even if you have no access to your own computer, you can still trade as long as you have your login information and access details to the online platform. Traders can also take advantage of tools showing real-time trades and trends, check profit scenarios, and receive SMS market updates on their cell phone. In addition, the company provides plenty of training and support to its users.

Easy-Forex supply an online trading platform (visual trading machine) to their trading clients, there is also a $ 50,000 virtual training account available. Easy-Forex uses the latest technologies in order to ensure your stop-loss orders. This broker is committed to the principle that you never lose more than what you are prepared to lose.

Margin is referred to as the collateral needed to facilitate the Forex deal. Typically, this is a very small portion of the entire deal, say 1% or 1: 100. Margin calls are less commonly found in currency exchange than in stock trading but they can occur. Beginners are often not prepared for this. You can stop astonishing charges if you deposit your funds by bank wire transfer.

Clients would find a list of terms along with the relevant meanings, a trading e-book, and a set of videos made available online for a clear understanding of the operation of Easy Forex. Clients are also given the unique ability to freeze the price before entering a trade. This is welcome as the prices may be fluctuating too fast making it difficult sometimes.

Simply put, Easy Forex is a forex trading platform which has been designed as a web-based dashboard that allows forex traders to make their trades easily, from one centralized location. Registration is free but a minimum deposit of $ 200 is required to be trading. Simple charts are available to watch the market and you can place orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit, as well as Limit and Forward orders through a simple form. The process of opening a position is a two step process, since you have to place the order first with a pre-calculated stop loss, and then you can modify the order to adjust the stop loss and set your take profit.

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