Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Credit Union CD Rates

For people who want to invest in a certificate of deposit (CD), there are two ways by which they can do so, which is to go to a bank or a credit union. Between the two, sources of certificates of deposit, the bank has been traditionally the preferred option, as they are perceived to be more stable financial institutions. However, in recent years, people who are looking to invest in CD? S are giving credit unions a second look due to a number of reasons, which have made investing in CD? S through credit unions seem a better option. Given this, it can be expected that more and more people may opt to invest in CD? S through a credit union in the near future.

Some reasons why credit unions are better

One of the largest reasons why some people prefer investing in CD's through a credit union is that usually, credit unions offer higher interest rates on the CD's they offer as compared to the CD's provided by banks. In most cases, the interest rates that credit unions offer is at least half a percent higher than the interest rates that banks provide. The reason why credit unions can provide higher interest rates is that because credit unions are cooperative institutions, which means that earnings are returned to members in the form of higher savings rates. In addition to this, given that credit unions are non-profit institutions, they do not have to worry about returning profits to external shareholders unlike banks who have to return profits to their shareholders, which means running and maintaining a credit union is cheaper.

Another reason why some people prefer credit unions is because they offer more affordable CD products because the minimum amount that they require are sometimes lower than what banks require from investors. In addition to this, credit unions also offer CD products that have very short maturity periods that still provide decent returns.

Traditionally, people who want to invest in CD's opt to go to banks because of the perception that banks are more stable institutions. However, people are now slowly realizing that credit unions can provide them with a better deal with CD products. This is because apart from the fact that credit unions provide higher interest rates, the fact that maintaining a credit union is cheaper, they can also provide the stability that banks offer.

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