Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coins – Low-Premium Gold Bullion Coins Fit For a King

Austria produced a very large gold coin called the One Hundred Coronas, issued between the years of 1908 and 1914, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the reign of the Austrian Emperor, Franz Josef I. The coins were only produced until 1914 and a mere sixteen thousand were stuck.

After the death of Franz Josef in 1916, official restrikes of the Austrian 100 Corona gold coins were issued. A restrike is simply a coin that was originally mined for circulation that has been officially reproduced. The official restrikes of the gold Corona bear the date of 1915 and were issued as commemorative pieces.

Here is some interesting trivia about Emperor Franz Josef I:

  • Emperor Franz Josef I (1830-1916) ruled as both Emperor of Austria (1848-1916) and King of Hungary (1867-1916)
  • The Austro-Hungarian Empire was created during his reign
  • Emperor Franz Josef I was the Uncle Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • The Assignment of the Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 triggered World War 1
  • Emperor Franz Joseph I was also the brother of Mexican Emperor Maximilian

The front of the Austrian 100 Corona gold coin features the profile – bare head, facing right – of Franz Joseph I. The reverse displays a crowned double-headed Imperial eagle that is superimposed upon the Austrian Coat of Arms. On the bridges of the Corona are the letters – VNITIS VIRIBVS .

The Coronas are minted of .900 fine (21.6 karat) gold and contain 0.9802 ounce of gold.

Austrian 100 Coronas are what is known as low-premium gold bullion coins . A low-premium gold bullion coin is a bullion coin that is sold at a very low premium over the intrinsic gold value of the coin.

Since the Coronas are no longer being mined, they are not promoted or advertised in any way. This is the reason for their low premium over the spot price of gold. Other examples of low-premium gold bullion coins include:

  • Mexican 50 Pesos restrikes
  • Hungarian 100 Korona restrikes
  • South African Krugerrands

The Austrian 100 Corona gold coins will typically sell between five to fifteen percent above the current spot price of gold. You can often find the Coronas selling on online auction sites at or around spot gold plus five percent.

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