American Eagle Gold Coins

The American Eagle Gold Coins were first minted in 1986 and are still the most popular coins for collecting, investment publications or just for their overall beauty and value.

What Makes the American Eagle Gold Coins Special?

The American Eagle Gold Coins are officially minted bullion coins. They are made with the same standards of using 22-karat gold that was implemented over 300 years ago when they first be circulating gold coins. The Eagle Gold coins come in four sizes, with each of them stating their weight of solid gold. What is not gold in the coin is copper and silver, which has to be added to give them strength and durability. The design of the American Eagle coin is based on the same designed used by Augustus Saint-Gaudens when he designed the $ 20 coin in 1907. These coins are the only gold bullion coins that are guaranteed by the US government regarding their content, purity and weight . They are even used in Individual Retirement Accounts.

Design of the American Eagle Gold Coins

The Eagle Gold coins are well-known for their beautiful design in part due to the gold content but also for the symbolism that can be seen on the front and the reverse of the coin. The front has Lady Liberty statue carrying a torch in her right hand and her left hand holding an olive branch. The bottom left of the coin has a small Capitol building and the words LIBERTY are scrolled on the top with the date to the right of Liberty. All around the border of the coin are little stars.

The reverse side of these famous coins has a male eagle flying over a mother eagle and her young, while bringing them an olive branch. The gold content and face value of the Eagle coin is on the bottom (eg 1 OZ. FINE GOLD 50 DOLLARS). The top of the coin has UNITED STATES OF AMERICA scanned in while E PLURIBUS UNUM is on the left of the eagle and IN GOD WE TRUST is on the right. The designs of the American Eagle Coins came from Augusta Saint-Guaden (front) and Miley Busiek (reverse).

Why Collectors Want the American Eagle Gold Coins

Since the beginning of time, the value of gold has never been in question. Over 3,000 years ago, gold was used as money in some parts of the world. Gold coins are exceptionally valuable to coin collectors, with some of the first coins being Eagle coins. Although gold coins are seldom seen in circulation, they are often part of investment portfolios. While all coins have an excellent value, especially with gold prices rising steadily, some coins seem to attract more interest.

This is the case with the American Eagle Coins. Perhaps it's because of their excellent value, which is rated by the gold content rather than the face value. Perhaps it's because the American eagle symbolizes the freedom of our nation. Or, sometimes it's because of the diversity they add and the liquidity they offer to an investment portfolio. Regardless of the reasons, if you're going to invest in coins, your best choice is the American Eagle Coins, which just happened to come in four denominations, making them excellent gifts as well.

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