A Look at Silver Proof Coins

A silver proof coins are coins that are produced with special qualities, and although they are considered legal money, they are intended more for collecting than for spending. They can be sent, but collectors find them far more valuable than what they are worth to the average spender.

Silver proof coins are created in dies that are polished to a much greater extend than regular dies. This makes them very shiny and reflective, so that they have a high polished expensive look about them. The raised features on these coins are also treated with a special acid so that they have a frosted appearance. Normal coins are only stamped one time, but these are stamped several times with the die so that the cut out features are crisp and clear.

The word proof counts to the process that is used to create a coin. Some may find an extra shiny coin and call is a proof coin, but that is not necessarily so. While the shiny feature of proof coins is what makes them so highly recognizable, unless a coin is stamped at least two times with a die, it is not a true proof coin.

The US Government makes a special marking on each of the coins so that one can easily tell from which state it was produced. Some may try to collect a silver coin from each state to complete a set.

Sine these coins are limited in production, they are becoming more and more valuable. And they offer a great alternative for those collectors who feel that they can not afford to purchase gold coins. Silver coins have been termed the poor mans gold.

These coins are often purchased in honor of a special event or stone in history. Many of these sets are sold at high prices, and are available for purchase from the US Mint in special collectors sets. Although dimes, quarters, and half dollars are no longer made in true silver form, the dimes, nickels, and half dollar silver proofs are still available.

Silver proof coins make beautiful collectors sets to set up and display. They shine brightly so as to quickly catch anyone's eye. Not to mention that they are really valuable because of the amount of silver used in their making. If you are a serious coin collector, your collection should really have a nice display of these coins. They are always popular and in high demand from many distinguished collectors.

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