Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A Coin Collector's Guide to the $ 2 Bill

When we go shopping many of us pay for our goods by cash as opposed to a credit card. We are well aware of the different types of money that we see regularly. However, there is one type of bill that is hard ever seen. It is the 2 dollar bill and because it is rarely used or seen it has almost attained folklore status.

These urban legends have all inspired the myth that this bill is not what you would consider real currency. For this reason when people see a 2 buck bill they will either think it's fake or they will decide that it is so rare that they need to own it!

You may never see a 2 dollar note in your lifetime but there are some in circulation. It follows then that this bill has become a collectors item for amateur collectors and pros alike. As more bills are secured in peoples collections they start to disappear from public sight. Only when there is a real shortage of bills will the Federal Money Reserve print a new batch.

It's simple supply and demand: because there are a few people using these dollar bills there is no need to produce large amounts of them. This being the case, the number of $ 2 bills that you can find in a particular area is very small.

You'll find that since this bill is not generally thought of as being part of the monetary system its value to collectors goes up. There is also another problem that you might come across when you try to use a $ 2 bill. Very few people are aware of the existence of these bills and so if you try to use one, the recipient may think that you are trying to con them!

There are of course those who maintain that you are using fake money. But they are wrong. Therefore if you do find a 2 dollar bill you might want to hold on to it and place it in your collection!

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