$ 100 Dollar Investment Ideas You Can Do Yourself

A segregated seed capital account of just $ 100 dollars is enough to get started. When you think about it, even a humble $ 100 dollar bill can turn into over $ 1.5 million within 14 compounding events at 100% In other words if you can double that $ 100 dollar bill just 14 times, you would be a millionaire. The cheapest investments are the best. But look, anything can be an investment. At the $ 100 dollar mark you would have a hard time making a reasonable return in the stock market and as for real estate, you may be really expecting hard to get an entry with just $ 100 dollars.

But as stated anything can be an investment if what you paid for the item and the cost to keep then sell it again are less than the sale price you have made an investment by making a difference on selling. You could buy an antique vase and resell it for $ 150 and make a 50% return within a week. Do those sort of figures excite you? Probably not. It's only a $ 50 dollar profit. But that is not the point. The smart money looks at, and gets excited about the percentages and not the dollar values. You could literally make your first million in a very short period of time just watching the percentage returns.

In fact avoiding the stock market and real estate in the early compounding events may be a smart thing to do. You could buy and sell all sorts of consumer items that people are selling too cheaply and making a margin, the difference is you are compounding. To buy that vase for $ 100 and get $ 150 for it is a 50% return, your next purchase should be near the $ 150 dollar mark so you are utilizing the compounding effect. A lawn mower or even a mountain bike may be the next step. From there you can get into cars, then more expensive cars then raw land when you can afford it, you can subdivide the land and add value in many ways, then you could get into houses and real estate. This is a simple concept but most simple concepts are robust and they work.

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