Microsoft Surface Pro might get battery-extending cover

Even before a launch of Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro, we knew battery life would be a Achilles heel. Now, Microsoft is hinting that it might have a repair in a works.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s corporate clamp boss operative on Surface, recently hosted a doubt and answer event on Reddit about a new product. One user asked if Microsoft had any skeleton for an outmost battery or a keyboard cover with a possess battery built-in.

“That would need fluctuating a pattern of a appendage spine to embody some approach to send aloft stream between a marginal and a categorical battery,” Panay wrote in response. “Which we did…”

Panay was expected referring to new connector plates on a bottom of a Surface Pro, that are not found on a Surface Windows RT. It’s probable that a thicker Touch Cover or Type Cover could accumulate an additional battery, fluctuating a life of a device over a measly 5 hours .

Speaking to The Verge, a Microsoft deputy dropped another hint during how those connectors would come into play: “At launch we talked about a ‘accessory spine’ and hinted during destiny peripherals that can click in and do more,” a deputy said. “Those connectors demeanour like can lift some-more stream than a pogo pins, don’t they?”

The doubt is, can Microsoft build a new keyboard cover with a possess battery that doesn’t concede a pattern of a Surface itself? The existent Type Cover–the one with automatic keys–is already a bit clunky as a shade protector. Make it thicker, and a pattern hews closer to a litany of existent clamshell-like hybrids, such as theSamsung ATIV Smart PC and a Lenovo ThinkPad Helix. The singular interest of a Surface, as a inscription whose keyboard cover simply folds out of a way, would start to diminish.

So as engaging as a battery-equipped Surface cover might be, I’m even some-more speedy by a probability of altogether new Surface models. In a same Reddit session, Panay subtly hinted during some-more to come. (A user had asked about new models with additional features, and Panay pronounced those were “great ideas, though we aren’t articulate about destiny product designs.”)

As PCWorld Editor Jon Phillips wrote, a Surface Pro is “so close” to being a ideal matrimony of a inscription and a PC. A new cover with a battery would be a poultice measure, though wholly new hardware has a improved possibility to spike a concept.

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