iOS 7 hack allows anyone to bypass your lock screen

When a new mobile operating system releases, a how-to guide tends to release a day or two after demonstrating a simple method that allows anyone to bypass the phone’s security, and access some amount of locked features. It’s almost standard practice at this point. Back when iOS 6.1 released, a simple combination of button presses managed to bypass the operating system’s lock screen. Now, iOS 7 has been hit with a similar security flaw, except this time around it involves the new Control Center feature.

The security bypass gives a ne’er-do-well access to not only your photos, but Twitter, and even email. The steps are simple enough. Turn on the phone’s display, then swipe up from the bottom to access Control Center. From there, tap the alarm clock icon toward the bottom. Now, hold the iPhone’s power button until you’re provided with the option to slide to power off. From there, hit cancel and double press the phone’s Home button to bring up the multitasking menu. From here, you can access the phone’s pictures, and share them across various social networks, including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and can even shoot them off in an email.

We just tried the trick on an iPhone 4S that has been updated to iOS 7, and can confirm it works. Though you can invoke the mulitasking screen — which shows open apps and the Home screen — you still can’t access those. You can, however, access the camera, and the camera roll is not locked.

Forbes spoke with an Apple representative, who confirmed that the company is aware of the issue, and will fix it in a future software update — whenever that is. So, until then, make sure you keep good watch over your phone, or you don’t have incriminating pictures in your camera roll that you wouldn’t want shared with the internet just in case your phone falls into the wrong hands.

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